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7 Questions to Ask When Buying a Volkswagen from an Online Dealer

There are over 29 registered car dealerships in and near Egg Harbor, NJ. If you are looking for a Volkswagen, whether to replace your old car or an additional vehicle, buying from an online dealer can be one of the most accessible options.

You save time and money by doing most of your shopping without leaving home, and you get more information about the cars that interest you. However, when considering this option, there are some critical questions to ask Volkswagen Dealers in Egg Harbor, NJ.

Top 7 Questions to Ask from an Online Dealer
1. What is the Return Policy?

Even though you are purchasing a used car, you should still have some flexibility of return if your new car has problems. If you can’t drive it for any reason, will they take it back at the total price?

Some online dealerships offer 30 or 45-day guarantees on their cars. This arrangement means that if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason within that time, they will work with you to get the vehicle exchanged or refunded.

2. What Do You Need to Provide?

Any dealership – online or otherwise – needs some information from you before selling a vehicle. However, an online dealer may also need more information about you and your vehicle.

For example, they may ask for your vehicle’s VIN before selling a car to you. This information helps them ensure that it matches their records and their sales contact information is correct.

The median household income of Egg Harbor, NJ, is around 82000. Beyond the basics, an online dealer may need your credit history and score to determine what loan terms you qualify for when purchasing a vehicle.

Usually, you may do business with them even if your credit history does not allow you to qualify for the lowest rates.

However, if your situation changes and you can get better terms through another dealership, you may want to ask that they sell your car for that lower rate.

3. What’s the Difference Between Wholesale and Retail?

Dealers usually purchase cars at wholesale rates. This point means that they bought the car for less than what they are selling to you and then made up the difference in profit.

For example, if a dealership bought a car for $5,500 and sold it to you for $6,000, they made $500 – or 10% of the wholesale price. The dealership’s other fees vary; however, dealers don’t include these charges in this profit margin.

You may also pay additional taxes when buying a car through an online dealer. The taxes on retail sales will be at cost (the same as your profit margin).

However, the authorities may charge other sales taxes on top of this. This point means that if you live in a state with no sales tax, the dealership will only set the overhead costs.

Egg Harbor, NJ, has a sales tax rate of 6.25%. If you live in a 6% sales tax state, they will add another 6% to their costs (including profit margin).

4. What Do Car Buyers Need to Know About In-House Financing?

In addition to selling you a car at wholesale price, an online dealership may also sell you a car at retail. This point means adding their profit margin to the already marked-up cost.

Since this is related to your credit history and score, generally, the more creditworthy you are, the better your terms will be.

5. How Long Have They Been in Business?

When buying a car from a certified online dealer or any dealership for that matter, it is crucial to find out how long they have been in business and what their reputation is.

A quick Google search on “Volkswagen Dealers in Egg Harbor, NJ” should give you some information about them, and you may want to ask for references. You do not have to purchase a car from them, but it is always good to know who you are doing business with.

6. What Does the Warranty Cover?

Since buying a car sight-unseen can be unnerving, most online dealerships offer warranties on their vehicles. However, there are still some finance-related things to keep in mind. For example, what is covered, and for how long?

Most warranties cover everything except what you would expect, including the engine and the transmission, but there are usually time limits.

A 30-day warranty means that they will cover anything wrong within that first month of purchase if you have a qualified mechanic do the repairs.

7. What Condition Will the Vehicle Be In?

When buying a car, you may want to know what condition it will be in when delivered. Most online dealerships provide vehicles that are cleaned up and ready to drive off the lot.

However, this should be something that you should clarify before buying one. If you want to inspect the vehicle before fully committing to it personally, you may ask what conditions the dealer will deliver the car.

Wrapping Up

Buying a car online may seem like an easy way to get a vehicle; however, there are still some things that you need to know before making such a purchase. Remember, you cannot physically see the car, but many different factors will be under your control.


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